Friday, September 9, 2022

September 2022: Searching

For those of you who have followed my delightful journey this summer as I recovered from a severely broken ankle, I am happy to report the largest screws have been removed (see above) and I am gamely working my way back into exercise and just walking in general. Let's just say that that is no joke. Sheesh. But I am definitely glad to be on the upswing. And I'm even driving my scooter again πŸ›΅

Other than a day or two off after the surgeries, work carried on for me, and I was mostly grateful for the distraction it provided. Here are some things I used this past month -- hope you find them interesting and useful. As I look over them together, I see many different things we search for.

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πŸ‘€ LOTS of info out there on the how-to's of job interviewsPhew…. between #TheGreatResignation and #QuietQuitting (and are those even real?!), how do you keep up on what’s happening in the job market?! Here are two interesting articles I came across:

πŸ“‹ Everything You Need to Know About "Stay" Interviews. Sure, we've all heard of exit interviews, but this is a new term to me. In the midst of some layoffs unfolding as our economy goes through some unpredictable ups and downs, "stay interviews" have already become pertinent with some clients. What do you think?

πŸ™‹πŸ½‍♀️ How to Get Noticed on LinkedInThanks to my dear friend Rukshan Fernando, who sent me this #podcast episode from #CoachingforLeaders. Good basics on how to get started on #LinkedIn if you need ideas.

🦠 Many Americans say they have shifted their priorities around health and social activities during COVID-19I am an information nerd in general, so I found this article very interesting, especially as it discussed what has become less important to people. If you like polls and data like this, I suggest you subscribe to Pew Research Newsletter. All the cool kids are doing it….

☮️ Why Can't We All Get Along? I have relied on #DavidLivermore for insights on #culturalintelligence and thought this article did a good job bringing his insights to our divisions here in the USA. I liked this quote: "The same skills that help us work effectively with colleagues on the other side of the world can help us talk with friends, family members, and coworkers about sensitive issues closer to home." #diversity #DEI

πŸ‘©πŸ½‍🏫 Extremely helpful discussion on how and why to find a therapist -- and why it can be so hard. As someone who is NOT a therapist but often gets into significant discussions with clients around the issues of #stressmanagement, #mentalhealth and #wellbeing, I have learned how to assist people in finding therapeutic help. I especially liked this episode because it describes several of the hurdles one might need to overcome (insurance, availability, finding the right fit) in a way that helps someone stick with the search and not get discouraged. A must-listen!

πŸ€ͺAbsolutely random links. I saw these and just had to share them. They each are quite… interesting. I don't want to describe them because it will take away from the "WHAT??" impact:


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