Wednesday, June 7, 2023

June 2023: Coping, Coaching & Career Changes

I am approached by so many clients who feel stuck, got laid off or are just experiencing an all-too-real mid-life crisis that I have created a "career coaching bundle" where I provide six one-hour sessions for $500 (prepaid on VenMo or Zelle) where I work with individuals in a few ways:

  • We start with an initial conversation around what is needed, identify some sticking points, and then confirm a plan;
  • I recommend a couple of assessments (usually StrengthsFinder and VIA) and then walk through the results;
  • I strong recommend 1-2 books that are related to discernment, career, vocation, self-awareness. We then work through them;
  • Once there is some clarity, I can then assist with developing and enhancing LinkedIn, resumes, cover letters, networking, informational interviews, etc.
  • I am then available to help prepare for interviews and follow up.

My goal is to provide something affordable and accessible for people who feel a bit lost or overwhelmed. If this captures what you might need you can reach me at to set up a time to get started.

Recommendations for this month...

✍🏾 How (and why) you should create a backup plan for your career. These 5 tips are basic, but also pretty fundamental and worth your time. Several clients I talk to are daunted by the prospect of creating such a plan, but simply avoiding the topic solves nothing! If it all feels rather overwhelming, start with this article and see if it can help you get started. (And note the career coaching bundle listed above as well 😅)

🔨 How to Build a Personal BrandI know, I know, most people I talk to are allergic to the whole concept of "brand.". But this article captures the essence of why it is important to pay attention to it. Frankly, I coach a lot of clients on how to do this in a way that feels authentic to them. Contact me if you want to talk more about it. Additionally, here’s an interview of one of the authors of the article. I like how the interviewers really push back on the idea of branding in such a way that addresses all of our visceral reactions around this concept.

🧠 Neurodivergence at Work. I just coached a group of managers on this topic last week. This continues to be a very important issue for discussion. I am consistently (as in, almost weekly) encountering employees and/or their managers discovering that they need to learn how to manage work with ADHD, autism, OCD, dyslexia, or mental health diagnoses. While these are not "problems to fix" as much as dynamics to manage, there is a growing awareness in the workplace around neurodiversity and certainly requires further learning by executive leadership and human resources. This article by a true legend, Temple Grandin, titled When Great Minds Don't Think Alikeoffers helpful insights as well.

😓 "What's Your Grief" Care Plan. Just this week I coached someone who lost two family members during the pandemic and has not yet had the space to grieve. We talked through her options for getting the support she needs. Furthermore, grief takes a variety of forms. I find that some of my clients are grieving co-workers lost through layoffs or resignations, and others are discouraged by how their company culture has been changed in disruptive ways. I cannot emphasize how important it is to address those feelings of loss.

🔍 "My Manager Tracks Us All with Google Alerts." Good (and painful?) reminder that everyone can track us online. Yikes.

Thanks for reading. Please feel free to forward this others! I welcome questions and feedback, and am happy to meet for a complimentary 30-minute consultation for new clients interested in finding out more about coaching options available. Just email me at


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