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Sunday, September 16, 2018

Strengths Finder Resource Page - All the Cheats!

Hey friends, I have met many, if not most, of my consulting clients through the Strengths Finder presentations that I give. As I keep coaching people individually, they invariably ask, "Remind me again where I find that podcast??" etc. So here is a one-stop shop with all the various resources that I have come to rely on. I may need to keep updating this as new stuff comes out. Here goes!

Clifton Strengths Finder main site This is home base, where you can eventually find almost everything you are looking for. I like going here mostly to track how many millions of people have taken Strengths Finder. However, I do not find this website always that easy to navigate. So here are a few of the key pages that I go to time and again:

  • Strengths Finders assessments in other languages I currently have clients not only all over the United States, but also in Bosnia, Thailand, and the Philippines. Here is the link to help access assessments in the languages of over 20 countries.
  • Buy all 34 of your Strengths, in order Once you understand the foundational aspects of Strengths Finder, I have found that it is most helpful to actually know where all 34 of the strengths fall for you and your profile. Here's the link for accessing all of your Strengths in order. First of all log into your account, then you go to the store and buy all 34 strengths. I really, really recommend that people not only know their Top Five, but actually their Top 10, which can really be active in your work if you are intentional about it. It is also super helpful to know your bottom five, which I would define not as weaknesses, but as your blind spots. It's always good to know where you definitely need to partner with someone else.
  • Strengths Finder 2.0 book In my last two large presentations, people tried to order Strengths Finder 2.0 books from Amazon, which is what I have recommended for the last few years. Unfortunately two different people purchased the books, only to receive them without the code for taking the online assessments. In other words, some shady people are selling their used books online fraudulently. The only real way to avoid that is to purchase your books directly from Gallup.
  • Strengths Finder Theme Insight Cards If I have coached with you for a while and you are now supervising others using Strengths Finder, I have found these cards helpful in individualized coaching. They are not that expensive (AKA cheap!) and concisely provide a lot of info in one place.

Additionally, here are a few other go-to links that are packed with resources:

  • "Called to Coach" Facebook group for Strengths Finder "enthusiasts" Admittedly, this page is for the full-on nerds who want to understand as much of Strengths Finder as possible. I guess they have Input and/or Learner in their top five :-).......[Strengths Finder humor]
  • Lead Through Strengths Resources This is a new page I am just getting connected with but I am especially impressed with the short but super helpful podcasts that are produced here.
  • Theme Thursdays Webcasts & Podcasts I am ending this post with my very favorite page of all. This is where I think everyone learns the most about Strengths Finder and their profile once they have learned the basocs. I really recommend Seasons 1 & 2 of the podcast or the webcast as you get started, and then lean into Season 3 if you are involved in leadership, and the current Season 4 is great for understanding how to maximize your strengths in your work life and personal life. Sometimes the two hosts are a little bit too chipper for my taste, but ultimately, the content is super helpful.
In August and September I've given presentations in Washington DC, Pasadena and Ventura CA, coached five managers in Sarajevo, and given three online presentations that were dispersed throughout the West. I am kicking myself that I didn't start tracking at the start how many people I've met nor how many presentations I've given, but I am surprised (and thankful) to say it never gets old. After one of the online presentations last week, an instructor for the class emailed me and said, "I loved seeing the students happy and empowered last night." I was so happy to hear that.

Let me know if you need a refresher or an introduction, at

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